Continuous intravenous bleomycin (NSC-125066) therapy with vinblastine (NSC-49842) in stage III testicular neoplasia.Twenty-three patients with stage III germinal neoplasia from the testis were given an alternative in our original vinblastine-bleomycin program. This modification contained .4 mg/kg of vinblastine succumbed two fractions on Days 1 and a pair of adopted by continuous intravenous administration of 30 units of bleomycin in 1000 cc of 5% glucose and sterilized water more than a 24-hour period for five successive days beginning on Day 2. Therapy was repeated every 28-35 days as toxicity allowed. There have been 17 responses, nine which were complete (39%). Eight from the complete responses were in patients with massive disease in whom a minimal complete response rate was expected. Toxic effects contained severe leukopenia in 90% thrombopenia in 50%, and inexplicable transient hyperbilirubinemia within 30% of the sufferers. Bleomycin pneumonitis happened in a single patient and led to dying. Hypertension would be a new and unpredicted side reaction felt by four patients. Further trials are indicated because the complete response rate in patients with advanced massive disease seems to become improved.

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